Culture of Execution

Facilities Assessments and Capital Planning

Protect against the inherent risks associated with acquiring new buildings by having a professional engineer survey the prospective building(s) to give an updated conditional assessment of the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.

Energy Management

Reduce energy consumption through technical solutions that fall outside the scope of “maintenance,” such as verify lighting controls schedules, condenser water system optimization, chiller sequencing, return VFDs to variable speed operation, optimize supply air static pressure set points, proper ventilation airflow rates, optimize economizer operation, and AHU optimization.

Asset Management

Using engineering expertise to evaluate all buildings, the Edmonds’ facility team will study and analyze data to generate a report that determines which investments across the building portfolio will create the greatest benefits.

Monitoring Based Commissioning

Installation of software captures data analytics of your equipment performance on an ongoing basis to detect failure, inefficiencies, or equipment installation error.

Commissioning / Retro Commissioning

Ensure performance accountability with a certified commissioning authority to provide in-depth oversight of MEP design and construction of new projects, as well as retro-commissioning to correct ongoing MEP issues in existing facilities.

Arc Flash Studies

Ensure the safety of your business and employees against unnecessary liabilities by having our Arc Flash engineers perform an evaluation of your facilities for NFPA 70E and OSHA compliance.


For more information regarding Arc Flash studies, analysis, or training classes, click here, or contact Tiffani at (205) 988-2069, ext 126.



Edmonds Engineering provides strong, functional, highly efficient plumbing designs for commercial and industrial markets with experience in thousands of projects since 1987. Projects range from Military, HealthCare, Geriatric Care, Hyperbaric, Surgery Centers, Psychiatric, Industrial, Data Centers, High-Rise Systems, Office, Research Lab, Animal Research, Pharmaceutical, Education, and Waste Water to Retail and Municipal projects. Edmonds engineers are nationally recognized leaders in the plumbing industry with an in depth understating of maintenance needs and code requirements.


Edmonds Engineering provides mechanical system designs for commercial and industrial markets. With a combined experience of over 450 years, our engineers have designed thousands of projects  since 1987, creating successful project designs that provide comfortable, healthy, productive indoor environments.


Edmonds Engineering’s electrical engineering design personnel have over 275 years combined experience in all areas of electrical including lighting, power distribution, medium voltage and auxiliary systems. Edmonds works closely with owners and architects to provide a detailed assessment of needs before producing electrical designs that meet codes and deadlines while considering budget restraints. All work is closely coordinated with Edmonds’ mechanical and plumbing personnel, producing a high quality end-product.