Culture of Execution

Our Process

Project Management Handbook

Project Management Handbook was developed in house, customized to fit our business, and is updated annually. This handbook mandates how we execute a project from start to finish, and includes all QA / QC guidelines. This is the playbook for our Culture of Execution.

Microsoft Teams

Edmonds utilizes Microsoft Teams for inter-office communication via instant messaging, video conferences, and screen sharing. This improves our time management, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the company.

Project Management Software

Edmonds uses Project Management software which allows us to assign project tasks to employees, create project schedules, manage schedules to meet deadlines, and track RFIs and submittals

Financial Management Software

Edmonds utilizes Financial Management software with customized reporting of project financial history. This allows us to make decisions on potential projects based on previous project experiences.


Revit is used to produce all project construction plans and ensures consistency and improved quality. BIM Manager controls all standards and reviews them annually. Implementation of Revit enables Edmonds to maintain consistency across all offices through master templates, project details, and equipment schedules for QA.

Project Management

Each Project Manager at Edmonds Engineering has completed 30+ hours of Project Management training. Project Managers are responsible for controlling the project budget, schedule, and quality. Our quality control plan was developed using the wide range of our Employees’ years of experience. Extensive design, coordination, and accountability checklists, along with required peer reviews ensure that we deliver a Trusted Engineering Solution for every project.

  • Project Manager

  • Engineer's Checklist

  • Peer Review

  • Budget

  • Schedule