Our portfolio hosts a series of completed engineering projects with costs ranging from $20,000 to $70 million, including LEED® certified designs. Edmonds Engineering continually invests in professional development and cross-training opportunities for our team in order to adapt to the versatile engineering needs of our clients, and we pride ourselves on unmatched flexibility and attention to detail with every project, regardless of scope or size.


Commercial office spaces are a large part of our design portfolio ranging from banks, one tenant office spaces to multi-tenant office spaces. Regardless of scope, our designs are custom fit to meet the owner’s requirements. Total building cost analyst is a must to address first cost and energy efficiency challenges.

Capstone Bank-University Blvd

  • Total Square Feet: 18,500
  • Architect: Ellis Architects

Superior Bank

  • Total Square Feet: 4,200
  • Architect: Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects

Regions Bank

  • Total Square Feet: 4,500
  • Architect: Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects

Liberty Bank

  • Total Square Feet: 8,300
  • Architect: Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects

F&M Bank

  • Total Square Feet: 12,000
  • Architect: Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects

Cullman Savings Bank

  • Total Square Feet: 48,000
  • Architect: Lathan Associates Architects

Auburn Research Park Office Building

  • Total Square Feet: 50,000
  • Architect: Gresham, Smith & Parteners Architects

Additional Case Studies

  • Cahaba Valley Crossings: Two identical two story buildings, 10,000 square feet. Engineered HVAC and Plumbing – Turner & Batson Architect
  • Healthsouth Collections Center: 15,000 square feet of office building. Engineered HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical. Designed sprinkler system – Gore & Associates, P.C.
  • 1st Gulf Operations Center: HVAC and Plumbing of top floor with two AC units on roof, including relocation of roof top units due to structural system – Erdreich Architecture, P.C.
  • Cullman Police Department Administrative Office: Renovate two existing buildings plus 9,000 square feet addition to Investigation Building. Engineered HVAC and Plumbing – Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects
  • Analytical Services, Inc Office Building: New 27,000 square feet office building, Huntsville, Alabama. Engineered HVAC and Plumbing. $2,500,000.00 project – Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects
  • Athens board of Education Administrative Office: New 16,500 square feet office building. $25,000,000.00 project. Engineered HVAC and Plumbing – Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood Architects