Culture of Execution

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Responsible for the financial well-being of the company by providing financial projections and accounting services.

Financial, Company-wide: Preparation of corporate tax returns, tracking of stockholder shares/percentages, and eligibility. Review of customer/project contracts. In coordination with Controller, prepare monthly financial closeout process of profit-loss analysis, sales forecast compilation, account receivable review, WIP management, and cash flow projection. Also, develop an annual budget, review of year-end employee incentives and raises, and tax-related cash management.

Corporate Business: Assist CEO with the preparation of reports for quarterly Advisory Board meetings and yearly update of Strategic Plan.


Requirements: MBA or bachelor’s degree in accounting with CPA certification. Solid GAAP and financial reporting skills. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in accounting and financial management practices.  Must develop intimate knowledge & experience with company time/billing software BillQuick and financial software QuickBooks. Must enjoy and master the creation of numerous spreadsheets.

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