Culture of Execution


Culture of Execution

  • Advisory Board
  • Strategic Plan
  • Responsiveness
  • Training Academy
  • Transparency & Posting of KPI's company wide
  • Customer Surveys
  • Employee Surveys

This high-level management team assures quality, accountability, and execution at the highest levels of the organization.

This document is our plan for growth and sets the standard for how we will Take Care of Business! Our strong growth rate assures you of an excellent performance record across multiple clients & geographic locations.

We strive for a 1-hour response time to all requests.
This minimizes clients down time of waiting for information. Our mid-size firm gives our clients the best of both worlds, responsiveness of a small firm with expertise and manpower of a larger firm.

Enabling others to fulfill their dreams.
‘Production may win games but employee development wins championships’. Motivated Employees trained in soft and technical skills will deliver superior results for our clients.

Assures that all employees are working as one team to achieve regional and company wide goals.

Customer Surveys enable Edmonds to insure client satisfaction, along with developing a friendship with our partners. We continually strive to insure cohesive teamwork, where decisions throughout the project are mutually beneficial.

Gives employees input to continuously improve our company and a path to pursue their growth and development which will result in superior performance for our clients.