Culture of Execution

About Us

Our Culture

We have created a Culture of Execution in our company based on Strategy, People, and Process. Our commitment to the client is superior results delivered through collaborative partnerships and attention to detail.

Who We Are

  • Edmonds Engineering is a full-service Professional Engineering Services firm.
  • We offer a full portfolio of Project Design Services and Facilities Engineering Services.
  • We partner with architects, contractors, and owners to create cost effective, high value solutions for our clients.
  • We are a customer focused firm with a deep commitment to Customer Satisfaction.
  • We pride ourselves on attention to detail with every project, regardless of scope or size.
  • We hold ourselves professionally and individually accountable to our clients and involve them in every phase of a project to establish collaborative partnerships for long-term success.

Our Mission

To engineer cost-effective and high-value trusted solutions for owners, architects, and contractors in the commercial and industrial markets and to promote the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

Our Values

  • We will be responsive and available to our clients.
  • Our employees are our greatest asset.
  • We will conduct our business with honesty and integrity.
  • Growth and profitability are natural outcomes of superior performance, quality, and protecting the client’s best interest.
  • We will encourage our employees to be active in their communities.
  • Responsiveness

    What it means to you!

    • Target of  response to your inquiries within 24 hours
    • Helps you meet deadlines
    • Reduces your costs for downtime waiting for information.
    • Helps prevent construction delays.
  • Experience

    What it means to you!

    • You are dealing with a highly experienced staff with low turnover
    • Savings and efficiency
    • Meeting construction budgets
    • Meeting deadlines
  • Trust

    What it means to you!

    • Developing long term relationships built with superior performance and a mutual trust is our best path to growth and profitability.
    • To create trust we conduct our business with honesty and integrity.
    • We build trust by consistently making the clients’ best interest our top priority.

Our History


Founded in 1987 in Birmingham, Alabama by Johnny Edmonds as a one man mechanical design firm


Created Advisory Board in 2013

2013 - 2014

Created and adopted a Strategic Plan for growth in FY2013- FY2014

Expanded services to include Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Technology Planning design services and Facilities Engineering Services

Made Strategic expansions to Tuscaloosa, AL; Jackson, MS; Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN


Have experienced rapid growth rate since FY 2013 – a testimony to excellent Execution

Meet Our Team

  • Dan Blackman, P.E. LEED AP, HBDP CEO
  • Chris Robinson, P.E. Chief Technical Officer
  • Donald Green, P.E. Regional Manager, Jackson
  • Joey Roach, P.E. Facility Engineering Services Manager
  • Tiffani Thompson Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Adam Cone, P.E. Regional Manager, Birmingham
  • Erwin Brandt, P.E. Senior Project Manager
  • Jeff Tyler, P.E. Regional Manager, Tuscaloosa
  • Tracy Worley, P.E., FPE Regional Manager, Nashville